David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness

The Map of Consciousness was developed by David Hawkins and introduced in his book Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinant of Human Behavior. (David Hawkins’ website is: www.veritaspub.com) The Map of Consciousness illustrates and outlines the levels of human consciousness. Twenty years of research involving millions of calibrations on thousands of test subjects of all ages, personality types, and all walks of life went into the Map of Consciousness. Every chapter, every page, every sentence in Power vs. Force was muscle-tested* for Truth.

Everything, including ourselves, can be calibrated… health programs, books, supplements, therapists, theories, teachers, classes, companies, artwork. There is a huge value to calibrating ourselves and anything we focus our attention on. If we calibrate at 250 and the therapy, treatment, and/or the therapist calibrates at 175, there will be very little benefit for us. The treatment or session might actually be more detrimental than advantageous.

For example: I had a client that calibrated around 100 – 125 when she began working with me. As she continued to process and grow, she was able to maintain the higher altitudes of 250+. She enjoyed her massages. One day she commented that she was not enjoying her massages as much as she once did. She wanted to calibrate the masseuse that was working on her and where she (my client) calibrated as a result of using this masseuse. The masseuse calibrated lower than where my client currently calibrated. My client’s calibration dropped as a result of getting a massage from this masseuse. When they both calibrated about the same, my client enjoyed the massages. As my client was able to maintain a higher calibration, one higher than the masseuse, the massage was no longer enjoyable or beneficial.

* Muscle testing, also known as kinesiology, is a method in which we can converse with the subconscious mind, the body’s nervous system, and/or energy field.

Moving UpNote: Before assessing information about someone else through muscle-testing, first ask for permission. For example, ask: “Do I have permission to calibrate ____?” If the answer is no, stop. This is an invasion of privacy and the results may be compromised and not valid.

Is it possible to move up the Map of Consciousness into the higher altitudes and maintain the higher levels? Yes. I have witnessed it happen over and over with my clients, the ones that were committed to their emotional growth.

All of our thoughts, feeling, choices, decisions, and experiences are based on our beliefs. By eliminating our mis-beliefs, the false, dysfunctional beliefs that keep us in the lower altitudes, we can move up the Map of Consciousness to the higher altitudes, as well as be able to maintain the higher altitudes.

Once we are able to maintain Neutrality, 250, we are in control of our lives. Anything less, 249 and lower, the emotion of that level is in charge. Let me give you an example of one of my clients:

He loved her. He really did. He was excited. Finally he had the courage to be with her. Once again he called her. And once again, she took his phone call, wanting to believe this time he had the courage to be with her without running away in fear!

After spending time together, once again the fear overtook him and once again he ran. And once again, both their desires were dashed when he ran away.

How many times had he mustered up the courage to face that which he feared the most, only to fall back into the fear? How could he give up something and someone who meant so very much to him? How could he be such a coward when he felt as if he had so much courage?

The answer is in the Map of Consciousness. When he felt Courageous (200) he would call. After spending time with her, opening his heart, he would drop down to Fear (100), and end the relationship. Fear is below Desires at 125. After being apart for a while, he would acknowledge his Desires (125) for the relationship, be Angry (150) at himself for ending the relationship, find his Pride (175) and Courage (200) again, and contacted her…until her patience was finally exhausted and ended the relationship once and for all.

I met him after the relationship had ended the final time. He did process and delete many of his mis-beliefs about fear, relationships, and courage. He did evolve and was able to maintain the higher altitudes and is now happily married.

The Map of Consciousness is a tool that has practical application in our everyday life. By knowing where we calibrate on the Map, we can better understand our emotional well-being. If we want to move up into the higher altitudes, we can process the mis-beliefs that keep us weighted down in the lower altitudes.

At Neutrality (250), we learn not to take or make everything personal. When we are Willing (310) and Accepting (350), we open up new avenues of well-being. “Love heals all”. The Love at 500 on the Map is the love that heals even though some want to believe it is romantic love that heals. When we are in the higher altitudes, 250 or higher, we are able to objectively evaluate; the lenses through which we see the world have been cleaned.

And, yes, anyone can maintain the higher altitudes that is willing to do their work, then continue to do their work, and continue to process and continue to live their lives in Truth. We know when we have dropped down in the lower altitudes, and when we are ready, we will pick ourselves up, brush off the dust, process and tap* what needs to be tapped and continue on.


* Tapping…EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a method of processing dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level.

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