EFT Tapping and Yawning by Tessa Cason

Yawning while doing EFT tapping is about release and integration.

From Oriental medicine, we know that when Chi (energy) flows freely through the meridians, the body is healthy and balanced. Physical, mental, and/or emotional ill health can result when the energy is blocked. Dysfunctional beliefs and emotions produce blocks along the meridians, blocking energy from flowing freely in the body.

With EFT tapping, as we tap we are releasing the blocks. As blocked energy is able to flow more freely, the body is now able to “breathe a sigh of relief.” Yawning is that sigh of relief.

If, after tapping, we are able to take a complete, deep, full, and satisfying breath, we know that an EFT tapping statement has cleared. This yawn is an indication that an EFT tapping statement has cleared. If the yawn or breath is not a full, deep breath then the statement did not clear completely.

After tapping, the body needs time to integrate all the new changes. Sometimes when we install a new program into our computers, we have to reboot the computer. After tapping, our bodies need to reboot. We need some downtime. Tapping can leave us feeling tired and exhausted. When we sleep, the new changes are integrated. Most of the time after tapping, the next day after integration has taken place, we don’t even remember the pain we were in before tapping.


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